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Culture & our men


Aboriginal community and cultural connection

The Rainbow Lodge Program has a proud history of welcoming and offering assistance to our Aboriginal clients.


Yarning Garden


The Aboriginal Yarning Garden was created to provide a meeting place for all people. The meeting space carries the spirit of Aboriginal culture, connection to country and healing. The garden is also a celebration of Aboriginal people contribution to the local area. It is our welcome to Aboriginal men who come to stay at Rainbow Lodge from all over NSW and the rest of Australia.

The garden was developed in consultation with Aboriginal Rainbow Lodge Program staff, Tribal Dreaming staff, Aboriginal Rainbow Lodge residents and outreach clients. 


Expressing Yourself

We offer art therapy and art supplies for our men to freely use and express themselves. Many of our Aboriginal men who come to Rainbow Lodge leave a legacy of artwork behind to display in the house. 

(Redband Country, Raymond Dungay, 2019)